A Real-Time Global Event Monitoring Platform.

A Real-Time Global Event Monitoring Platform to Help You Gain Insights into What is Happening Around the World.

Global Monitoring

Visualize Real-Time Social Media, News and the Dark Web from Global Data Streams.

Global Data

Local-Level Data on more than 120 Countries.

Real-Time Alerting

Customized Alerting for Security, Disaster, Risk and Logistics Professionals.

Brand Risk Assessment

Measure Your Company's Influence and Reach.
Where Should Your Next Store Go?
Understand your Competition.

Election Campaign Support

Gauge your Candidate's Traction.
How is the Competition Doing?
Discover local insights for Your Next Campaign.

Disaster & Conflict Support

Detect, Anticipate and Evaluate Conflict Drivers.
Respond to Disasters as They Occur.
Understand Local Needs in a Complex Emergency.


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